DeFocused for

DeFocused is a theme for carefully crafted by me that makes use of CSS3 extended features. Currently WebKit-only (Chrome tested).

Beta version! Please note this generator and this theme are in beta, will not tint some elements, and may break anytime!

Step 1. Select a background image

This image will be your background image and also be used as a reference image to tint the theme.

These colors have been selected from your picture using Color Thief plugin.

Step 2. Customize features

Step 3. Get it

Please name this variation:

Beta version! Since I don't have enough disk space to host everyone's theme backgrounds, and haven't written a script that will put your wallpaper somewhere on, please take time to upload the picture you used to generate the theme somewhere (such as photo albums) and paste a link to the image file itself (not some kind of page) in the field below: